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Francis Family Farm

Away from where the Francis family first settled is this farm where the last of the family who carries the Francis name still lives.  Bought in 1886 by William Riley "Buck" Francis and Mary Aaron Francis it was settled and farmed on for generations.  Wheat, tobacco, and livestock have been grown and raised on the farm. Today, the fifth, sixth, and seventh generations still live and farm on the waters of Big Creek in the Johnstown Community. Today, only livestock is raised and due to the farm being a shadow of what it once was, innovation plays into the operation.  Aside from the typical forage and hay system the area, we have incorporated grasses which are native to the area (native warm season grasses) to maximize production and reduce costs associated with two hayings a year (down to one), and eliminate yearly soil amendments to maximize the return on investment and maximize wildlife habitat at the same time.  We hope with this approach on this small family farm can educate the next generation of farmers and conservationists.  

On site Francis' farm presentation for Cattlemen's Association

Great changes seen in cattle raised on native grasses.


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