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David and Diane Hodges-Smith Simmons

Diane and David Hodges

The Preservation of the Smith Simmons house,

If you are traveling down Asbury road toward the little quaint Presbyterian Church in beautiful Stokes County, NC, look to your left when you arrive at the intersection of Asbury and Rogers Road and you will see the historic Smith Simmons House. Smith Simmons is a majestic two story white house that sits up on an elevated landscape looking over many of the picturesque hay fields that grace much of the cattle farming community.

Smith Simmons was built in 1891 by Walter and Alice Smith who were farmers in the day. The original house was a simple rectangular two story Victorian Style structure, however, the house was sold in 1908 to Gus Simmons who added on a formal entry hall, a grand front staircase, a parlor, and two additional bedrooms upstairs. Also the addition included a wrap around front porch with four massive Greek Doric columns supporting the portico above. The property also exhibits the original kitchen house and barn. Most of the community will remember the Joyce family as the last family to reside in the house.

In 2016, Diane and David Hodges of the eastern North Carolina area purchased the property from Historic Preservation NC and began a full restoration process which is almost complete at this time. Much of the exterior and interior was preserved while under construction. The house showcases many original elements such as, the woodwork that was faux painted to resemble a tiger oak grain which was also done at Thomas Jefferson’s “Monticello”. The original architectural stamped galvanized shingles still cover the entire roof.

There are four bedrooms and three full baths in the house. Two baths were added upstairs with carrara marble floors and cast iron tub/showers. The house was completely rewired and plumbed, while adding two separate heat pumps and a heat pump in the kitchen house. A complete new kitchen was added to accommodate a 21st century family.

The Hodges plan to use the property for weddings and events in 2020. Preservation NC is planning a fundraiser in November of this year, opening the house to the public.



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