Update, April 5  There are 6 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Stokes County and 88 in Forsyth County; 2632 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in North Carolina with 34 deaths.  Please remember these numbers greatly underestimate how many infections with the new coronavirus exist in the area.

The next two weeks are extremely important for slowing the spread of COVID-19 in our corner of North Carolina---please do your part.  Stay home as much as possible, maintain social distancing, and wash your hands with soap and water often.

Update, April 2  Three cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed for Stokes County and 57 for Forsyth County.  The number of confirmed cases in North Carolina is 1717, and 15 fatalities have occurred;  there are 216,722 confirmed cases in the US with 5137 fatalities

Update, April 1  Two COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Stokes County.

Update, March 31  The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in North Carolina have been doubling approximately every four days over the past two weeks.  The number of confirmed cases in NC is 1522 with 10 fatalities in the state including one in Forsyth County.  Each of the counties that border Stokes County now have confirmed COVID-19 cases including 41 in Forsyth County and 51 in Guilford County.

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Update, March 29 North Carolina has 1048 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of the evening of March 28, according to data reported from the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services and county health departments. These include 33 confirmed cases in Forsyth County and 34 in Guilford County. US confirmed cases have passed 125,000. Please remember that the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases does not tell us how widespread COVID-19 is because only a small percentage of the population has been tested—17,500 tested in North Carolina so far. Also, please remember that on average symptoms only appear 5 days after initial infection with a range of 2-14 days before appearance.

Update, March 28  Governor Cooper issued a stay-at-home order on Friday forall of North Carolina effective 5 PM on Monday, March 30. This order will be ineffect for 30 days. Businesses deemed essential can remain open including banks;places of worship; restaurants that provide take-out, drive-thru or delivery;grocery stores; farmers markets/produce stands; doctors and other healthcareproviders; pharmacies; hardware stores; post offices and mail delivery; officesupply stores; gas stations and convenience stores; car dealerships; veterinarians;pet and feed supply stores; hotels, airlines, buses, taxis and rideshare services;electronic retailers that sell or service cell phones and computers; lawn andgarden equipment retailers; book stores that sell educational materials; gunstores; building and construction; funeral service. No citations will be issued, butlaw enforcement officers will be asking people to disperse and to go home unlessthey need to be out.Over 900 confirmed COVID-19 cases have occurred in North Carolina and fivedeaths. Dr. Elizabeth Cuervo Tilson, the state’s chief medical officer, reportedthat the average age of those infected with coronavirus in North Carolina is 41,and the age group with the most COVID-19 infections is age 25-49.Over 104,000 COVID-19 cases have occurred in the US and 1700 fatalities.Up-to-date data on COVID-19 worldwide can be found at a website at JohnsHopkins University (click for link)

Updates on COVID-19, March 27  COVID-19 cases in North Carolina now number 789.  Four fatalities have occurred including a 37 year-old man.  There are now more cases (greater than 86,000) in the US than any other country.  Winston-Salem and Forsyth County issued stay-at-home orders that go into effect at 5 PM on Friday, March 27.

Updates on COVID-19 cases, March 26  The first confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported for Surry County.  Forsyth County now has 17 cases and Guilford County 22.  The first two deaths from the outbreak in North Carolina were reported yesterday as the number of cases exceeded 600.  The number of cases in the US is almost 70,000 and over 1000 fatalities have occurred.

“Stay at home orders” are being put in place for Wake and Orange Counties due to the spread of the disease in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area.

Update on COVID-19 cases, March 24:  About half of the counties in North Carolina have confirmed cases of COVID-19, and the total cases in the state numbers 508 with 14 cases in Forsyth and 16 cases in Guilford counties.  No confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Stokes County, but given the 2 to 14-day incubation period prior to symptoms, it is likely that infections exist in our population.

Updates on social distancing, March 24:  The official order from the NC Governor’s office is gather in groups of no more than 50 people, but the widely held “order” is no more than 10 people.  Several counties and cities including Durham and Charlotte have issued “shelter in place” or “stay at home” orders.  These proclamations allow residents to go to grocery stores, restaurants for takeout, pharmacies for prescriptions, etc. and to “be in nature for exercise” but otherwise maintain social distancing by staying home.  
The Governor’s office has ordered closing of all non-essential businesses including hair salons, barber shops, gyms, movie theaters, and similar businesses effective 5 PM on Wednesday, March 25.
Public Schools in North Carolina are now officially closed until May 15.  Please do your part to help prevent spread of the disease:  maintain social distancing when at all possible and wash your hands often with soap and water.

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