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2022 Grant Updates


            Our Communities of Northwest Stokes Foundation grants program

            that is made possible through funds raised by Francisco FarmFest.


About Our Communities and the Foundation

Our Communities of NW Stokes is a local development initiative that focuses on revitalization in Francisco, Collinstown, Asbury, Aarons Corner, Harts Store, Johnstown, Westfield, and Double Creek, and on building programs and partnerships that benefit Northwest Stokes County.  It is a community-driven and all-volunteer effort.  Our Communities of NW Stokes Foundation, a non-profit (501C3) organization, was created in 2015 to support this work and to assist in funding projects in the region.


What is its purpose? The program was created to encourage citizens of Northwest Stokes County to propose projects that will benefit their communities or our area as a whole; and to help people jump start, carry out, or complete projects of value to our area.

What kind of projects are eligible?  Priority categories for this year include Agriculture, Arts and Culture, Education, Economic/Business Development, and Beautification and Recreation.  Examples of eligible projects include music or other art events, sports events, classes or workshops, competitions, training, school trips, gardens or trails, exhibits, children’s activities, and research.  No projects with a religious or political purpose will be considered.

                      Periodic update and images submitted during 2023

image (5).png

Feedback from Adam Jones on the grant they received from OC this year. 

I wanted to say thank you so much again for your generous donation! .........


......We were able to build two identical tables that will now serve as outside lunch options for one class at a time. We hope to build 4 in the upcoming year and sell two and keep two. This should allow us to roll the funds back into the program and eventually we will have a grade level set!

We could NOT have done this without you!!   In your itinerary, I was to include large purchases. These have not been made yet, but will be soon. I brought in a LOT of my personal tools for this job. I have been holding off in purchasing the big tools because I had a buddy who was going to donate some and I wanted to see what he had. We will be using the remainder of the grant funds to purchase router bits, and potentially a Dewalt thickness planer that runs about $550, which is something my class could never afford without your help!!! The kids had a blast learning how to do some basic woodworking skills and the students I have not yet taught have already enjoyed eating outside during these beautiful Spring days!!!


Grants to North Stokes High School for fun activity, enhancement of food trucks, one at the beginning of the year for donuts, middle of the year for  pizzas, end of the year Icecream Truck during field day.

Earlier, Grant to North Stokes FFA program for development of trail used by students in track, science and art. This development meant clearing trees, invasive plants, and clearing the easement  by prescribed burn  handled through Forestry Commission and in another area clearing underway  with help from Goats ! The trail is also being enhanced with native plants ; Plantings and hand clearing work by students.

Great Job Students

We Need Your Support To Continue Our Grant Programs

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