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  The first migrating bird(s) arrived at the Harden farm overnight with a pair of blue-headed vireos singing from big maple trees ...there is a very good chance you could hear/see these near you now or soon ...we see them most springs here

in stokes county 

  Here's what they look and sound like:


Nature notes from Stokes County

Federal health officials have now recommended that we cover our faces with fabric during the coronavirus pandemic. But what material offers the most protection?

The Centers for Diseaseand Prevention has posted a no-sew mask pattern using a bandanna and a coffee filter as well as a video on making masks using rubber bands and folded fabrics found at home.

  We had found holes in living trees that looked like the ones made by flying squirrels and occasionally out of the corner of my eye I caught an early morning or late afternoon movement in the woods that I thought could have been one...and finally this morning!...a month ago I had seen nesting material being pulled from below through the hole in a bird box I had placed on a big pine near the back of the property... I knocked on the box as I passed it this morning and a flying squirrel stuck its little head out of the box as to ask yesssss?  It's living in a box intended for brown-headed nuthatches so the opening is only 1" diameter....


  He looked a lot like this; check out the size of those eyes...

See what you can find in your backyard !

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                       Highly for mobility, strength training, etc.

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