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Our Communities brings people together in our area to work toward securing a brighter future for NW Stokes County.

Upcoming Events

 In Our Community 

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   Our Communities of Northwest Stokes Foundation
is pleased to announce a grants program that is made
possible through funds raised by Francisco FarmFest

For all needed information about grants and ways to apply
                                                                 click button

  • Our Communities of NWStokes
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Video about all the new members and their engaging activities by Emily Cope, Ph.D. , County Extension Director 

         Our Communities is generously supported
by these community partners and our many volunteers.

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We Need Your Support 

All contributions directly benefit citizens and programs in Northwest Stokes County.  The pie charts shown below summarize sources of income and expenditures over the past three years.

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OCNWStokes Donation

Help us make a difference


Thanks for Your Support !

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