Update, April 7  There are 8 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Stokes County, 10 in Surry County, and 106 in Forsyth County; 3321 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in North Carolina with 54 deaths.  Please remember these numbers greatly underestimate how many infections with the new coronavirus exist in the area.  The next two weeks are extremely important for slowing the spread of COVID-19 in our corner of North Carolina---please do your part.  Stay home as much as possible, maintain social distancing, and wash your hands with soap and water often.

IMPORTANT Dr. Deborah Birx one of the leaders of the White House coronavirus task force said on March 31, 2020, “There’s no magic bullet. There’s no magic vaccine or therapy. It’s just behaviors.  Each of our behaviors translating into something that changes the course of this viral pandemic over the next 30 days.”

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"I'd lived here 40 years but never felt like a member of this community till I started helping with ..FarmFest"

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  The name Our Communities of Northwest Stokes reflects our vision and primary mission: strong communities in Northwest Stokes, NC. Based in the tiny unincorporated hamlet of Francisco, population approximately 500, our active volunteer base is approximately 50 and always expanding.  The impact of our work extends throughout the county. We focus on strengthening community well-being through the support of education, agriculture, small businesses, recreation, the arts, and other needs as they evolve.